Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Texas team wrap-up

Jim and April Taylor have a cuppa during the St. Pete, Russia, youth cafe. Can you believe they will return to two of their children getting married this summer?

A very tired but equally inspired team congregate on the "express" train back to Moscow, ready to fly back to Texas the following day with tales to share.

A future post will show you some of the service between arrival and departure.
We caught this lovely sunset from the train window, and felt it summed up the team's whole journey--it had to end, but it was lovely as the time transpired.


Ebermann said...

I heard from a friend that some foreigners had been guests at the sunday service at the Rostov corp this sunday. And the friend said that the name of one of them was Anita. So some reserach and know I understand it must been you guys he saw there.

Just typically that when I for once skip the SA in order to mee some friends in another church, they have famous bloggers as guests! :-)

Hope you enjoyed Rostov!
/Erik, swedish salvationist that lives in Rostov.

Reza said...

Hi thanks for the nice comment @ mine , am pleased your enjoying the music
nice to see you are doing good work in the sal army :)