Friday, November 26, 2010

Back in the USA...home for the holidays

We are visiting our son Jason's family for Thanksgiving--Tracy, our daughter in love, sits by her brother Joseph and our granddaughter Gracie. Granddaughter #2 Faith was napping through the festivities.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here is a link to some pictures from our first two weeks in Georgia. We have enjoyed a picnic, staff orientation, learning to drive in Tbilisi traffic, and our installation as Regional leaders.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Caldwells overseas rejuvenated!

Anita and Brad plan to revitalize this site as we pursue ministry in Georgia. We have received an appointment as The Salvation Army's Regional leaders for this country. We will support the service of officers in eight corps, while we also oversee our Regional Headquarters in Georgia's capitol city, Tbilisi.

We hope to update weekly and keep fresh news coming your way.

Anita and Brad are enrolled as Regional leaders of Georgia by the Eastern Europe Territorial Commander, Commissioner Wim van der Harst, in Tbilisi Central Corps. Boy, were we all hot in that hall!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Egypt picture link

Here you can find pictures of our recent trip to Egypt--camels and all. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Click, click, click...

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Anita and Brad

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Worship and Friends

Chief Secretary Alistair Herring joins Commissioners Netty and Wim van der Harst in the orchestra, along with Captain Pasha Gorbunov on his last Sunday serving in Moscow.

Sasha and Sveta Sharov first entered our lives when they served as corps officers while we led the Moldova Region.

Captain (now Major) Vic Tidman taught fund raising to our cadets, along with some other topics, briefly leaving his wife to manage their corps in St. Petersburg.
On Men's Sunday, Brad joined in with the choir. Sometimes they even let him sing.

Captain Pasha Gorbunov says farewell as he heads to a new city, new bride-to-be, and new appointment as Corps Officer, following three years serving in our Education Department. We will miss him and his hundreds of thousands of words in his smile and sense of fun.

Anita doesn't usually like to blow her own horn, but she makes an exception for the flute. This was taken during Holiness Meeting in Taganka Corps.

Central Invasion--Central Territory, that is

A Salvation Army youth team from the USA Central Territory spent six weeks in the Eastern Europe Territory, and Brad shared Red Square with them on their last night here.

Like a Palace!

Anita basks in the dusklight atop a bridge in the Palace Park.

Catherine the Great's palace, restored and magnificent.

Brad on a bridge in the Palace Park.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Texas team wrap-up

Jim and April Taylor have a cuppa during the St. Pete, Russia, youth cafe. Can you believe they will return to two of their children getting married this summer?

A very tired but equally inspired team congregate on the "express" train back to Moscow, ready to fly back to Texas the following day with tales to share.

A future post will show you some of the service between arrival and departure.
We caught this lovely sunset from the train window, and felt it summed up the team's whole journey--it had to end, but it was lovely as the time transpired.

Texas in (North) Russia

While gathering for Easter Sunrise Service in St. Petersburg, we met a group drinking next to the local eternal flame. They accepted some gifts from us (crosses and tracts) and sang a song for us. In return we had our picture taken with them. Barry Brown to the left looks right at home in Russia.
Captain Vic Tidman, corps officer for St. Petersburg and area coordinator for North Russia, flanks the various folk gathered for the sunrise service, which was chilly but bright. Texas train dispatcher Steve Webb brought a lively devotional.

Major April Taylor serves breakfast back at the St. Pete corps, where a host of folks enjoyed bacon, scrambled eggs, fried ham, and juice and yogurt, plus coffee with all the fixins.

Texas in Russia

From deep in the heart of Texas came, well, a team of Texans. Here Steve and Janet, Barry, Becky, and April and Jim join Brenda and Rich Herivel during a teaching session at Taganka Corps in Moscow.

Becky Guest guffaws at one of Major Jim Taylor's typical witticisms.

The Texans gather round the dining table with Territorial and Russia Divisional leadership Sunday afternoon before heading to St. Petersburg with Captain Vic and Ellen Tidman.

Our Granddaughter Gracie grows up...

Gracie giggles at the fact that she is (sorta) walking!

Gracie is getting up in the world, with a little help from Mom/Tracy.

Grandma Anita holds a sleeping angel, dreaming of endless items on which to chew as she brings in her baby teeth.